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5,7 or 10 days program to visit most significant and mistery monasteries in Macedonia

Macedonia is a biblical country. The first Christian in Europe was a Macedonian girl – Lydia, baptized by Apostle Paul. Today in Macedonia exist 992 churches and monasteries, 50 000 m2 fresco painting, 23 000 icons (4-th most valuable collection in the world), 240 iconostasis, baldachins and bishop’s thrones performed in stone or wood. Great value has 20 iconostases in church items carved in wood. Ohrid is known as the “Macedonia Jerusalem”, 365 churches, one church for every day in the year and for this reason is protected by UNESCO. Today we will find monasteries from XI century which was really sanctuary with centuries for Macedonians and give them strength all this period. Parts of cross of Jesus are in the basis of three Macedonians monasteries. Macedonians are proud with their monasteries and churches. WELCOME - and you will see a country from the Holy Bible.